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Research Overview

Our research focuses on photonic computing and its applications in artificial intelligence, massive data processing, and high-throughput communication. Please find a few of our recent projects below.

Photonic Computing Chips and Applications

DPU Prototype.jpg

Research and develop large-scale photonic computing chips, explore optoelectronic fused integration methods and chip architectures, achieve a substantial improvement in computing performance, and apply them to cutting-edge science and technology fields.

Photonic Computing Co-processor

Optoelectronic Intelligent Computing and Optical Artificial Intelligence


Construct optical artificial neural network and deep learning system, study the reconfigurable mechanism and training method of optical intelligent system, and realize efficient and intelligent processing of large-scale data.

In situ Optical Backpropagation Training

Diffractive Optical Computing and Diffractive Optical Neural Networks

Diffractive Deep Network.jpeg

Address key technical issues such as model optimization, spectral division multiplexing, and 3D integration in large-scale diffractive optical neural networks, and improve the information processing throughput and computing performance of diffractive optical computing.

All-optical Diffractive Neural Network

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